Tuesday, April 12, 2011

YuYu is sick~!

My old lady (YuYu) has been down with sickness for 4 days.. Making me worry like hell. Being sick at her age, has caused her health deteriorate tremendously.

She has been rejecting her barf food for last few days. Even drinking water would make her vomit. So sis Vanessa bought her A.D prescription Diet by Hills as a replacement diet. A.D is a high protein, high calorie food to promote healing and fast recovery for sick pets.

Her current condition:
Ulser in her eye (due to fight last 4 days)
Lost of Appetite
Difficulty in swallowing
Sleeping all the time
Bleeding from her nose

Her condition is worrying right ..!!... ~
Tomorrow... Sally and I, we gonna take a trip down to KL specially to treat our lovely daughters. Sally's dog is also down.. So KL here we come~!

YuYu Eye Medication
Her AD Food

YuYu sneezed out blood on my bed

Sick YUYU, just curled up like that the whole day,
miss her silly face and vigorous tail wagging

Will keep you all updated, stay with us ya~! God, please dont let my gal gal suffer


Gal gal for Adoption~!!

Hi ladies and gentlemen,

 My friend, Mei is looking for a new home for this adorable dog. Anyone that is looking for  a lovely, gentle dog, do consider to give her a home.

In matter of fact, she is seriously+ urgently looking for a new owner.. I don't know how to give you an explanation of why, what or how.. but if you are looking for a dog do put her into consideration alright?.

Name: Gal Gal
Breed: Mongrel
Age: Uncertain
Location: Penang
Condition: Healthy
Character: Gentle and affectionate, doesn't jump of people. She is so sweet that If I hav a house, I would take her in..

Please do contact MEi at 012-425 1487 if you are able to provide Gal Gal with a home and a loving family!!


Friday, November 19, 2010

POm Pom found new home!!

Dear All,

It has been sometime since I last update my blog.

Since my relocation back to Penang, I'm finding it a-pain-in-the-ass to use a laptop instead of my normal comfy desktop. Not having my desktop computer to me is like losing my other half.

Today, I have something to share with you guys out there.

Found new home for 2 beautiful pom pom and BOTH the new owners and poms looked happy meeting up with each others. I would consider today a successful day, slow start but with good ending.

Since the adopters are from the temple, I chipped in a small token and passed them a small red packet wishing them and their new dogs well.

Here are the Poms!
 Golden the Man!

Baby the Lady!

Wishing them a life time of happiness! 
p/s: They look soo much better than the photos. 
THANKS to the breeder, the temple sih fus, for giving these two beautiful dogs a chance and a new home! And also sorry for the delay, as I had promised the breeder to find a good home for them since early of this year. Thanks for the patience.

Best Regards,

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Maltese puppies for sale to good home! CHUBIH!! (10.11.10)

My friends currently have 4 Maltese pups for sale. 


Family to White Palace Angel, best Maltese for year 2006
Kennel: Prolee
Puppies: 1 Female
Tiny and Adorable, if you are looking for a tiny and cute pup, get her!
Picture will be posted out when she gets bigger
Location: KL/ Penang
Age: 3 weeks

Current active show breeder! 
Kennel: If you are interested, I will let you know
Adult: 1 male 
Puppies: 2 female 1 male
Parents are show quality
Picture will be out when they are bigger
Location: Penang
Age: 1 month

Please call me if you are interested in getting a Maltese as a companion. 012-476 9839 

Note: I have retired from breeding, so this is my friend's breeding, TQ

With Best Regards

Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Review on Ilium Ear Drops by Troy Laboratories Pty

 Today I am writing a review for Ilium Ear Drops on my dogs.

Ilium Ear Drops

Active Ingredients:
Lignocaine HCI
Piperonyl Butoxide

Active ingredients against eye mites, bacterial and fungal infection in dogs and cats.

Direction for use:
Instill 4-8 drops in the ear twice daily for 4 to 7 days.


Macho and Yu Yu was on Ilium Ear Drops for 5 days. Their ears were used to be always waxy and reddish no matter how many times I have them cleaned up.

For the 5 days, I dropped 3 drops of Ilium ear drop in both of the ears twice daily and then massage it. The result is great, until now, Macho and Yu Yu doesn't get anymore red waxy discharge in their ears and has been sparkling clean ever since and also not to forget.. their ears are no longer itchy too.

However, according to my sister which she tried it on both of her dogs, she told me it just reducing it but not eliminating the problem. But she says the reason might be because she never put the ear drops religiously and only drop the ear drops whenever she was free. So, that might be the reason the ear drop doesn't work well on her dogs.

If you have tried before Ilium ear drops, do feel free to share it with us! ^.^


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mongrel for Adoption **Adopted**


This dog has been saved from a good Samaritan and send to Mayo with a broken or injured leg. She will be going for surgery (I dont know when) to fit her broken leg. And of course she is looking for a home to take her him after the surgery.

Anyone looking for a mongrel healthy looking cheerful dog, should take him in.

Name       : Mongrel roaming on the street got name? umpphh..
Age          : Young and good looking
Breed       : Mongrel
Weight      : I think around 15.0 kg
Character  : Cheerful, bright, calm, obedient, nice looking and healthy
Sex           : I think is a boy, sorry never see properly
Contact    :
Mayo Veterinary Klinik 
No11A, Jalan USJ 10/1G, 
47620 UEP Subang Jaya, 
Tel: 03- 5637 7126
Close on Sunday **

 Smiling all the way
 Can you see the skin peeled off, that is the wounded leg

See see Mongrel, he so cheerful who know he bring "ONG" one!


Shih Tzu for Adoption **ADOPTED**


Yup, Shih Tzu for Adoption. Found Roaming on the road, was picked up. Looks like ex- breeding dog.

Name        : No Name
Breed        : Shih Tzu
Age           : Doesn't look old
Sex           : Female
Spayed?    : No
Condition   : Allergies/ Skin Problem/ Dry Eye-  Not sure.. maybe..
Weight      : Around 8.0 kg
Character  ; Attention seeker
Contact     :
Mayo Veterinary Klinik 
No11A, Jalan USJ 10/1G, 
47620 UEP Subang Jaya, 
Tel: 03- 5637 7126
Close on Sunday **


Schnauzer for Adoption!

Any kind soul out there willing to give this dog a second chance to live? She was from a breeder was left at the vet intended to be put to sleep as the breeder doesn't want to spend the time and $ to cure this pity dog after years of using her for breeding.

She is currently under a vet care and looking for a owner that willing to take her up to cure, care and give her a family and home. Of course, there will be due time as the vet also cant take care of her forever right?

Let you know first, the condition is quite bad, so you have to be prepared if you are willing to give this dog a home. Lets give her a chance to have a family and live a normal live alright? If you find her skin problem is disgusting, imagine if you just bought a schnauzer puppy and you might not know, this is your pup's mum. Can u imagine, they breed the mum until like that.. what you get is a cute puppy, but the fact is.... this is the wornout mummy.. overbreeding has caused her body to crashed.

And now, it is time for the breeder to put her to sleep. Think about that!

Name       : No name
Breed       : Schnauzer
Age          : Couldn't be determine
Sex           : Female
Color        : NO Idea, looks like White/ Silver at beard, the rest of the body no hair
Spayed?    : NO
Condition  : Skin Problem, Heavy Diarrhea
Character  : Quiet, doesn't care much- must be cause she is sick
Contact     :
Mayo Veterinar Klinik
No11A, Jalan USJ 10/1G,
47620 UEP Subang Jaya, 
Tel: 03-5637 7126 
Close on Sunday ***



Face- The skin problem has eaten into her skin

Please give her a chance, she should not be put to sleep due to this skin problem..


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Visitors for 2 days! So much FUN!

Yeah, Tiffany and Pui came to stay for 2 days, we had so fun fun together. Their mummy and daddy went back to Penang, so we had chance to do some catch up time together.

Pui Pui who is also Macho's sister was so excited when saw him. Both of them spent their whole just playing and having so much fun for the last 2 days. I miss them being together.

As their mummy was busy with all the preparation to go home, they had no time to bath both of them before coming, so I took the liberty in doing so to make sure they look nice before their pick up time.

YuYu and Macho

Stay down!!.....

Bathing and Teeth cleaning

Napping time

Continue playing


Hope to have them back again soon. ^,^


Cute dog for Adoption **Adopted**


Yu Yu and mama went to Klinik Mayo last few days, and they have this cute adorable dog for adoption. Here is the detail of the dog!

Name    : Hasn't been named
Age       : Estimated around 1 year +
Size       : Smaller than normal Mongrel
Contact info:

Klinik Veterinary Mayo
11A, Jalan USJ 10/1G, 
UEP Subang Jaya 47620 Selangor 
Tel No:  03-5637 7126

SO any kind heart out there looking for a companion, do take her into consideration ya! She is very Gentle.